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that maybe one of the things that creates a sense of peacefulness in the social environment is that we have so many different religions and a first amendment that protects religious freedom that we don't have one religion rising to the surface or competing or two or three. well, one thing we wanted to do with our new version of beliefs and believers is to go to a part of the world where we do see more of the tensions between religion, and the spot we picked on, dare i say, was israel and then to some extent egypt. and we wanted to go to israel in particular because there isn't such a diverse cultural environment in terms of religion, so that the tensions are, in some senses, watered down. as we all know, unless you've been meditating in a cave for the past 20 years, israel and the social environment in israel is very tense in terms of the relationship between the three great faiths that actually share something of a cultural tradition- judaism, christianity, and islam. and so what we- we have an extraordinary opportunity, and something like a great risk. i'm surprised david ainsworth, our e
is the cheap money. the low interest rate environment spurred investors to borrow more on margin, we can see it in the numbers. it's showing that. this is increasing as we see the highs. we've been on the bottom since 2009, and stocks have been growing, which is good. it may be getting ahead of itself. we may be facing a correction. >> yes, but what if the fed cuts back on the cheap money that you are talking about? does the bottom fall out of the markets? >> nobody can say for sure. that's the scenario throughout time. ironically we are celebrating the 84th anniversary of the 1929 stock market crash. there are lessons to be learnt. when we see a build-up of people borrowing money, it gets to an infor example point where it can't continue and we see a steep sell-off. that could be where we are headed. >> we have good earnings reports recently. you see the sort of contradiction where consumers say, "i'm bes mistic about the economy, but investors see the markets going up and up. is there a contradiction. is there a problem with that? >> there really is, because it's floating on hot air. if w
threat that maybe should have looked at the entire environment in libya to make the analysis for what was or not a threat. that has created changes at the state department where there is a clear line not only of authority, but a person for high risk, high threat posts that directly has a lot of power going directly to the undersecretary of state. the undersecretary of state, wendy sherman, is intimately involved in this process. that's one step away from the secretary. so the experiences of benghazi have ultimately created a new order that will, i hope, both in terms of the analysis of intelligence, looking at intelligence in a different way, and having a clear line of communication that can be used expeditiously, will ultimately meet our challenges in a challenging global environment where terrorism is a constant threat. one of the things we need to do is to pass the embassy security bill that has elements of this that passed through the committee on a bipartisan basis. we need to get that passed in the senate as well. >> senator bob menendez, democrat of new jersey, you just got a n
strong protections for workers and consumers and the environment. while we are talking about markets, we are looking at the biggest marketing world. some people try to grab it. imagine this. the market that created the great wealth of the united states in which every single income earners saw the income go up in the 1990s and created unprecedented wealth, more wealth than what was ever created, much more wealth created in the 1990s. that was a $1 trillion market. the global energy market is a $6 trillion market. it will climb to some where around 6 billion or more users. this is the most incredible market ever and the solution to climate change. we will fight to stay at the forefront of this energy market. we will recognize that it has the benefits of climate change as well as the marketplace. we will develop clean technologies that will empower the world and protect our environment at the same time. we are on pace to become the largest oil reducer by 2020. the largest oil producer in the world. that gives us the promise of alternative fuels come including shale gas. we will become fully
'm investigating the impact that illegal sand mining, is having on the environment and people's lives. ♪ argentina's ruling party has kept control of congress in mid-term elections but opposition has made major gains and there was a party losing seats in four major district and result end her chances of changing the constitution to allow her to stand for a third term. and we are in buenos aries. >> reporter: putting on a brave face, supporters of the ruling party celebrated and sunday's mid-term elections confirmed they lost in key districts throughout the country. >> translator: we will continue building the dream of a better argentina said the vice president defiantly. >> reporter: in the province which has 40% of votes nationwide the president former chief of staff now a rival beat the government star candidate for congress. and she business friendly than the president is already being mentioned as a possible front-runner for the 2015 presidential race. >> translator: let's open our arms and respect our differences which is the only way to build a country. >> reporter: this election was clea
in a different political environment someone is going to have to take the blame for this and the secretary would be the most likely person. the problem is, if the president replaced her in this environment, how difficult would it be to get anyone confirmed through the senate, vir cull certainty of republican filibuster, an opportunity to use this as kind of a way to lever annual more concessions from the administration. i think that is probably in the back of their mind. what you are seeing is understandably a lot of democrats nervous about the sign-up period, in particular, and whether it has to be extended. if people can't get through the website to boy the insurance, the idea of finding them, even though it's a fairly individual find for not having it becomes absurd. >> thanks, so much. all eyes will be on wednesday when the secretary does testify. that's for sure. let's go over to mikaela for all the stories making headlines right now. >> good morning to you at home, a somber day, massachusetts, a funeral mass will be held for colleen ritzer, the massachusetts teacher allegedly killed by a s
. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. ♪ ♪ here you take a walk on the wild side ♪ >>> what a song and what a legend, rock fans this morning remembering a poet and a true legend, singer/songwriter lou reed died sunday at his home in new york. his publicist did not release any details. reed was known for tackling taboo topics like drug addiction and homosexuality in his music. he had one top 40 hit, though he was so well-known "walk on the wild side" it was about drag queens. he was 71 years old. our thoughts are with his friends and family. >>> singer chris brown in trouble once again. here's what happened. brown and a bodyguard are charged with felony assault accused of
are in the national security environment here in the u.s., if you work at dod, at the cia, when you get up in the morning, the primary thing you're thinking about is whether or not there's going to be a terrorist attack and what you can do that day to prevent it. it is dominating aspect of our national security policy as well it should be. for all the challenges we have for trying to work the relationships with russia, with china, the asia pivot, latin america and elsewhere, the number one thing on our minds is protecting this country, and the number one threat to that is terrorists, al-qaeda and their various offshoots. so we have to fight that war. you know, and one of the best ways to fight that war is, basically, to get them before they get us. and that involves military action of one with kind or another. now, the second thing that we've been trying to accomplish both president bush and president obama have tried to figure out how to do this is to win the broader ideological struggle. basically, to stop people in the muslim world from wanting to join organizations like al-qaeda, to fi
an environment where you can have a rational conversation with people, and look at the facts, think about how collectively we can raise the performance bar. >> and just a reminder to join us on facebook where this week we're looking for pictures of street art in your neighborhood. that's it for this edition of "pbs newshour weekend." i'm hari sreenivasan. thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac -- >>> "pbs newshour weekend" is made possible dby -- >>> corporate funding provided by -- >>> additional support provided by -- and by the corporation for public broadcasting, and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> funding for this program is >> funding for this program is provided by subaru.or: at s female announcer: at subaru, we build vehicles like the rugged outback, with symmetrical all-wheel drive standard and plenty of cargo space for those who pack even more adventure into life. subaru, a proud sponsor of "globe trekker."
the question what are common standards when it comes to consumer protection when it comes to environment protection and also when it comes to civil liberties and privacy for example an icing that it's only normal that we asked the us as europeans to also deliver those questions in parenthood to these prayer nova stations in the us as overseas surveillance tactics us and the use of free trade talks. he is proposed to data protection laws. all seemed a previously more unrelated thus the question about personal versus state privacy becomes more relevant and cartilage. all these issues have begun to convert an important questions about the future of privacy are being asked to set her down in court and won the european parliament in stroudsburg the syrian government minister said the foreign fighters to enter the country to conduct or behind the outbreak of polio the destructive rebel controlled north late last month the united nations health agency for ten cases of polio in northeast syria the first confirmed outbreak in the country in fourteen years. the cases consist of babies and toddler
in september. it has been creating a political environment in which there was a political consensus. >> you stand to benefit from the situation and take the lead. we are talking about of confusion for some of the viewers. we are talking about several countries. maybe we can call up the map. it is including a debrief with french intelligence. if you look at the map of west africa, look at the areas that are light-colored. where they have been the past three years. your thoughts on where these hostages may have been held? >> i think the likelihood that they were in southern libya is quite high because you have a region there that is out of the control of the central government where militias are present and really doing the governing. the hostage takers are more likely to have gone there, dispersing the hostages in different press reports to hide them from the intervention taking place in the north of malli. i think it is unlikely they were kept near the nigerian border where security has been quite high. and in the past few months, i think libya really presents the most probable area for the
polygraph test with two drugs in me, and you won't ever know it. we need to where we environment, lessen the number of people who need clearance, we do a better job of clearing, and we need to create the expectation you are going to be randomly check to see if you deserve that clearance. difficult. are it and holding contractors accountable does not seem to be happening. how do we solve this? are, butout where we how do we solve it? have all these areas, three pages of instruction, five pages of names, 17 pages of employment, 29 pages on relationship, to pages on , a pages on financial records, five pages on association, and re-signature pages. i know you are reforming, but the point is we want to go for the gold. not all of this is checked from a quality assurance check. number three would be can we create a process that gets to the gold and not rely on the form as much as the data that is already out there that the government already holds? 84% of thezed that arele in this country ?ulnerable to top-secret data that puts us at risk. whoever wants to answer my broad commentary or educate
's the point of his old saying. business is business. [laughter] workers have rights. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business cap we have an old saying in america. is this is business except when it isn't. [laughter] it was the best i could do. in -- much.ry much [applause] >> looking at our primetime schedules, starting at 8 p.m. eastern here on c-span, another chance to see michigan senator carl levin discussing afghan policy after his recent trip to that country. on c-span two, more arguments from the d c circuit court of appeals on contraceptive coverage and religious coverage. and on c-span three, the mother of trayvon martin discusses on capitol hill about stand your ground laws. a tough time for an essay, when everyone says what are you doing or why are you doing it? this is what we do, when we get we actually say, it is much more important for this defend this we nation, and take the beatings, then it is to give up the program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today, telling
organization. we are working in a very highly political environment. now i will stop and be happy to converse with michael. thank you very much. >> it is an honor and privilege for me to be hosting mr. amano, one of the first people i interviewed when he was japan's ambassador just over a decade ago. we have remained friendly since then. he has stamped iaea with his own style, one of talking and calling it like it is. in that spirit, i hope we can have a good session with my questions and with the audience's. this meeting which you had with the iranian deputy foreign minister, and then there was a meeting of the two sides. the atmosphere of the talks, you said, was better. the question is, when will we see concrete progress, such as a visit to the site? >> we had that meeting with iran on the 28th and 29th of october. this is the second meeting between iran and iaea after mr. rouhani became president. the first one took place at the end of september. it was a get to know each other meeting. the last meeting was a very political meeting. it was productive, and there was some positive developme
. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business? >> we have an old saying, business is business, except with business. [laughter] [applause] >> next on c-span. president obama met with iraqi prime minister to talk about the partition between the u.s. and iraq. and later, secretary of state john kerry talks about free trade. on the next washington and nsanal, we will discuss surveillance programs for gathering information within the u.s. and abroad. our guest is author and strategy director michael alan. -- allen. then we will look at the fda's recommendation to tighten rules on painkillers. we are joined by very -- barry meier. washington journal. live on c-span. time for nsatough when everybody says what are you doing or why are you doing it. when we get together, -- will maybe a couple times we whine. but most of the time we say it is more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings that it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be in front of you today telling you wh
't get into in today's current environment in this proceeding here. but what we're talking about is building the enterprise light. in other words, having a not a made it records check ability, a continuous evaluation, whether several times over five years or more frequently than that, that can serve both the united states , the intelligence community as well as the [indiscernible] a continuous evaluation working group that was made up of ic members shared omb had representation. omp had representation. and dod had representation. we had a concept of operations that is now ready for testing. it takes a level of checks and balances that are high enough to satisfy the requirement at the top of an organization like i . e -- like i.c that is a very touchy balancing act to make sure that we have enough checks. but it is an expansion that is currently done. there are national agency checks, please checks and financial checks for the secret level clearance is. we have expanded those to cover other areas. includeabases, which classified information and some that do not as well as the comm
the impact that illegal sand mining, is having on the environment and people's lives. >> reporter: and in sport find out if baseball beards bought the boston red sox to the end and we will have sports in about 35 minutes. ♪ and at the u.n. security council they will be talking about the situation in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo later today after a peace keeper was killed there and three days of fighting and the army says it has taken over a number of towns in the province from the march 23, the m 23 rebels including the stronghold and finding between government forces and m 23 began on friday less than a week after the peace talks between the two sides broke down and the government and rebels are now blaming each other for launching the first attacks. and m 23 rebel fighters join the congo army in 2009 and defected saying they have been treated poorly and the government did not live up to the deal. and the group took over territory in the province and briefly seized the provincial capitol. there are allegations and both nations deny and we are live from p
nomination for governor worth in 2014. what's the political environment? if the previous caller is right from florida, the affordable care act, obama care is the dominant theme, it's negative, then that would argue pretty strongly scott would get re-elected in all of the things being equal. if not, it might go to the other direction. host: let's turn to new jersey. the race wednesday with chris cristi seeking re-election. here's one of the latest ads by the christie campaign. >> i've been doing it 23 years never seen a governor up here before. >> he cares. he's not just going to do what he thinks people want to hear. >> the governor was doing what he thought needed to be done. e will doesn't take crap from no one. this is jersey, that's what we need. we were devastated. i don't think any other governor would have been able to do the job he's done. governor christie has our support. host: the question is not whether he's going to win but what percentage and who votes for him among the so-called reagan democrats or blue collar democrats. guest: i think he'll win by a big margin. i wouldn't pick
. essentially, it is a technical organization, but we are working in a very highly political environment. now i will stop and be happy to converse with michael and later take your questions. thank you very much. >> thank you. it is an honor and privilege for me to finish and for the wilson center, to be host willing amano. mr. amano's one of first part-time i interviewed when i came to vienna as a journalist just over a decade ago when he was japan's ambassador to the u.n. nuclear energy. director amano will start his second term as the head of the iaea after taking the helm in 2009. he has starred the agent -- stamped the agency with his own style. in that spirit, i hope we can have a good session with my questions and with the audience's. first, getting follow up on this meeting which you had with iranian deputy foreign minister and then it was a meeting of the two sides, the atmosphere of the talks, as you said, was better. but the question is, when will we see concrete progress such as a visit to the parchin site? >> yes, we had a meeting with iran on the 28th and 29th of october. this is t
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would argue probably the internet and this business environment demands that. >> rose: could be competitive, you have to do that. >> that's right. we've seen so many of amazon's fellow first generation internet companies that didn't have that same outlook. aol, yahoo, e-bay for that march. they didn't quite have the drive and the pursuit of excellence that jeff does and they've all stumbled in various ways. >> rose: you also written about jeff's personal life. you found his birth father. how did you do that? >> first i'll just say you know as i started this project, it was kind of gap in the bezos story. i mean we know a lot about his early years, including a lot about his real father, his adopted father, mike bezos who is, has an incredible story, came from cuba, became a successful executive at exxon, invested early on in amazon. but i did wonder about you know his biological father who left his life when he was three. and jeff has said he never met the man, never had a relationship with him. i knew his name so i just went looking for him. one of the interesting thing i fo
when army secretary john mchugh says that in today's fiscal environment the best-case scenario for our military's budget is treacherous. ray odierno says it hampers the military's ability to train its own troops. while there is waste and overlap in every federal agency, the pentagon budget not excluded, there is much to be said for congress doing its primary job of governing, passing a budget. for the last four years we see continuing resolution after continuing resolution has placed in our military. earlier this year we saw the rigid requirements that harmed the department of defense when president obama's sequester took place. before these cuts, the nonpartisan congressional budget office said our defense program was already underfunded by 5% with modernization underfunded by 10%. thankfully, congress took quick action that allowed the d.o.d. to operate under a budget in order to meet all of their nisscal requirements and have more flexibility as they asosh the across-the-board sequester cuts. general odierno revealed just this week that two army brigades are combat ready and trainin
'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >>> we're following breaking news involving a possible israeli strike against syria. israeli warplanes are reportedly suspected of firing on a shipment of russian missiles near the syrian coastal town of latakia. this apparently part of an effort to keep advanced weapons from falling into the wrong hands. israeli officials are not commenting. it comes on the heels of a deadline in which syria declared it has destroyed its stockpiles of chemical weapons and production facilities. for more on the significance of this, i'm joined by the "atlantic's" steve clemens. steve, what can you tell us? >> well, i just happened to come from a meeting with a senior administration official who happened to state that this was an israeli attack. and added the other interesting pee pieces of th
of playing and a lot of patience, we got them used to the environment and built simulators and practiced and practiced. >> quick question, who let the dogs out? is my first question. >> clever. >> he makes jokes. i always wanted to know -- second question. you don't have to answer that. >> oh, good. >> my second is more serious, you document how there's an emotional response from dogs when they see certain humans they recognize. is there any link there to why we as human beings feel so close to dogs? >> well, that's a great question. i've been studying humans for a very long time. there are certain parts of the brain that humans respond to when we interact with each other. so really the reason we're doing this is to try to figure out if dog's brains respond like humans in similar really do. growing up, my dog always knew when i was sick. it was fascinating. but here in new york city, i cannot tell you how often i'm on a run or even at a restaurant and dogs are treated like human beings, whether they're being strolled around in a stroller, whether they're being fed caviar or they're dres
environment, and the need for broad access to credit for qualified borrowers, and a vibrant and competitive marketplace. it has also been my desire to share my values showing industry i care deeply about who in particular i hope will continue to inspire. over the past year i've talked a great deal about leadership, and i've expressed my strong belief that we as industry professionals are uniquely positioned to lead change. and that nowhere is our leadership more important than how we choose to run our own companies. here is our opportunity to leave a legacy, i raising the professional standards of our industry, and instilling a genuine duty of care to the consumer, and demonstrating that we belong as an integral part of the stable housing marketplace. many of you have also heard me talk about the concepts of owning a home. where, together, we accept responsibility for the success of the anti-real estate finance community, while still being accountable for our own individual peace. i believe there is no better opportunity to own the home that had mba. i'm very proud that going into our 100 y
for leaders like tom, whether the environment, the media, the way districts are drawn, the pressures that those of us in elected office are under somehow preclude the possibility of that brand of leadership. well, i believe we have to find our way back there. now, more than ever. america needs public servants who are willing to place problem-solving ahead of politics. as the letter that president clinton held up indicates, the history of the crime bill shows. we are sent here to do what is right. sometimes, doing what is right is hard. it is not free. and yet, that is the measure of leadership. it is important for us who feel the responsibility to fight for a cause, to recognize our cause is not advanced if we cannot also try to achieve compromise. the same way our founders sought it as a vital part of our democracy. the very thing that makes our system of self-government possible. that is what tom foley believed. that is what he embodied. that is the legacy that shines brightly today. on the last day he presided as speaker, he described what it should feel like to serve the american
in your testimony that the conflict in syria has fostered an environment that grows with extremism and hide a link groups are working to exploit the situation for their benefit. -- and al qaeda-linked groups are working to exploit the situation for their benefit. we need to weigh in on behalf of those who promote tolerance and freedom. i take it that you're saying that is by not empowering these folks, you are actually de facto empowering the people who do not promote freedom. here is my question. why didn't we do it sooner? in foreign policy, doing the right thing is not the only thing. you also have to do the right thing at the right time. why did it take so long to reach this conclusion? and now we find ourselves in a situation where fighting on behalf of those who promote freedom and liberty and tolerance is harder than ever and may be impossible. why did we do this, but sooner? -- why did we not do this, but sooner? >> the syrian opposition from the beginning was atomized. that is how it survived the regime's oppression. there was no national leadership. it is very hard to bui
plan to drill and protect the environment. aljazeera continues. we're back with with you in two and a half minutes. >> kathleen sebelius on the health care hot seat. all eyes will be on her as she gets set to defend the affordable care act and its problem-plagued website. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. >> the head of the n.s.a. die i, saying the gathering of intelligence around the world is not only critical, it helps keep americans safe from terrorists. >> a new crisis in sir yes, children testing positive for polio. the latest outbreak could be the tip of iceberg. >> a bus crash in india, police searching for the company's owners. >> fireworks are expected an hour from now on capitol hill when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will appear before a house committee. that committee is looking into problems with the rollout of the affordable care website. she was optimistic in the weeks leading up to the launch. >> we're on track to have the marketplace up and running on october 1 and i'm confident that we will
-of-the-art and has stayed state-of-the-art technology, but in an environment like los angeles, these are a thing of the past. there's no way politically or even room wise that we could ever build another landfill like this in a setting like this. >> which is why this place becomes even more important. this is a massive recycling center that will continue to operate. from sorting to stacking, plastic, paper, cans, all set to be recycled. hopes is more centers like this one will be the future, and landfills like this one will be the past. >> when you look at what we're doing and where this industry's going to go, these are dinosaurs. still, the trash that's been coming every day for the past 60 plus years has to go somewhere. eventually, it will all be trucked some 200 miles away to blythe, california. >> doesn't the crash then just become another neighborhood's problem? doesn't the whole idea of not in my back yard just proof from this community to another community? >> absolutely, and unfortunately, the way those types of decisions are made, it follows the path of least resistance. >> when landf
. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business cap go -- is business? >> we have an old saying, , except is business with business. [laughter] [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> on the next washington journal, surveillance and intelligence programs for gathering information in the u.s. and abroad. a look at the fda recent recommendation to tightness policy on painkillers, the most frequently prescribed drugs in the united states. live everyjournal, morning on c-span. >> this is a tough time for nsa. here is what we did. when we get together, we do not wind. we actually say, it is much more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today, telling you why we defended these programs, and having given them up, and have our nation or our allies the attacked and people killed. >> this week and, intelligence official
-parents agree that teens reaching out to teens can best foster a bias free environment. >> the suggestion of paying for an organ don ag, it's cav yam. a study shows if people were offered $10,000 for a kidney it may be more cost effective leading to longer lives for the patient, cutting the need for donor ors gans. 18 people every day are waiting for an organ transplant. 2,000 names are odded to the lists every month. paying kidney donors $5,000 would threat to an increase in the list. if kiddy donations rose 20% it would rise to $40,000. >> joining us to discuss this is a doctor in calgary. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> how dire is the need for kidney donations? >> it's at a critical stage. more people are coming down with rehn although disease. the supply of kidneys is not meeting the demand. patients on dial sis have a poor quality of life and the survival is not as good as transplant. why has the supply changed? >> that's a difficult kevin to answer. end stage renal disease has several causes. one could be diabetes. people are living longer as well. >> ill dial sis hel
and noisy environments because of how it works with your ear's own anatomy. can your hearing aid do all this? lyric can. to learn more about lyric's advanced technology, call 1-800-411-7040 or visit for a risk-free 30 day trial offer and free dvd and brochure. get the hearing aid that can. lyric from phonak. lyric can. gregg: some breaking news in midtown manhattan, left-hand side of your screen. there you see emergency crews. apparently an object from a building blew off a landing and landed on a scaffold damaging the scaffold. three people are being treated on the site. nobody has been taken to the hospital so far. the area is being roped off. fire department and police assessing what caused the situation. we can tell you it is not only rainy in new york city but heavy, heavy winds right now. don't know if that is related. we'll continue to follow it. martha: under the radar this week but it's a big issue. there are new questions about our nation's standing in the world after "forbes" magazine ranked russian president vladmir putin as the world's most powerful person in 2013.
earlier. >>> cash for clunkers help the environment. new study reveals it was just a lemon. the reason loose fuel economy requirements and only a small boost in employment. researchers say other programs like reducing payroll taxes would have done a lot more to promote job growth. americans traded in 700,000 clunkers during the program in 2009. a woman posts an angry letter to the thief who stole her bike. a good samaritan reads it instead. her bike was stolen while she was working. she wrote a book and taped it on a lamp post. the story of her note caught the attention of a man named bob curry who remembered how it felt to have his own bike stolen. curry and his daughter took her to a bike shop and bought her a new one. that is so unusual. wow. >> so nice though. >> a nice person. yeah. >> speaking of nice people. >> red a bedtime story. >> >> so funny you say that. >> a bowl of mush. >> rick and i -- i was thinking the same thing. hansel and gretel. >> across areas of the northeast, get ready for some changes. we have been very warmer to the last couple of days and here is how we are
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